The Mission
We are committed to apply authentic production techniques and use quality ingredients to create products with flavours to sensualise the palate.

The Story Behind The Name Do.Main
Playing on the words “Dough” which is the basic ingredient in our products and “Main” which means “Hands” in French, Do.Main pays tribute to the two most important basic main elements in baking.
“Do.Main” also refers to a prominent place or home and “Do” is about making whilst “Main” is about being the core.
Do.Main Bakery Café is indeed a place where Chef Freddo does his work of art using dough as the main ingredient to make the best products by hand.

Our Logo
The Rolling Pin is a smooth cylinder with a handle at each end and often made of wood used for rolling out dough. Be A Part Of It is about our commitment towards engaging our team and our customers to be a part of this journey to experience artisanal handmade dough in all your meals (breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner).